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The parting of the ways

Attentive readers will have noticed that this blog has been drifting off topic of late, featuring an increasing number of historical posts of only marginal interest to Forteans. I’m addressing this problem with the launch of a sister blog that will be devoted solely to my historical stuff, and you can find it here. There will be a fair bit of duplication between the two sites – when I write about a historical topic that has relevance here, I’ll cross-post the material, and vice versa. But you’ll also find some exclusive stuff on the new site: a post on Japanese sea-drifters here, one on the loneliest shop in the world there.

Inevitably there will be a slight falling off in posting at AFITA – you’ll have noticed that already, too. Most of my stuff is quite heavily researched, and experience suggests that I can’t realistically expect to write more than two to three posts a month in total. All in all, though, I expect to actually write a little more, not least because there are just so many amazing things I want to cover. So, coming soon on A Fortean in the Archives: Slavomir Rawicz’s The Long Walk, with its dubious claimed Yeti sighting. And coming up on A Blast from the Past: a Russian prince on a Wichita road gang.

See you on both sides of the great divide, I hope.

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